The most successful eCommerce Business Owners understand one undeniable fact: Lifelong careers are a thing of the past. Today, you must have the entrepreneurial edge. Do not miss this opportunity to understand and acquire the Online Seller systems and tools you need to become a successful Entrepreneur, Innovator and eCommerce Business Owner.

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Build your business on Amazon

The Seller SUMMIT is a brand new 2-Day event that is dedicated to this fascinating niche: everything Amazon. Join us in person for 2 exciting days to discover the tools & resources to help you succeed on Amazon, network with your fellow Selling Partners, and get help from Amazon's experts.

The Seller SUMMIT is one of the best ways for you to sharpen your skills and stay up to date with trends in the industry.

August 24th & 25th
9am - 5pm both days
Hilton Los Angeles Airport
5711 W Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Action for a Successful Business Model

Make Profit All the Time with Your Online Business

eFreedom’s 6 Stages of a Successful Online Seller Business on Amazon


This is the start-up, fantasy-like state in which you set up your Online Seller account on Amazon and watch as your account gets approve—and you watch your idea come alive. Your grand expectations and desires make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. You have attended an event and listened to a Trainer walk through the steps to start. You may have even attended a weekend course. And you have watched videos on YouTube so you are ready and any product you list will be a success. Right? WRONG.


You’ve barely started and are now getting overwhelmed by problems coming from many different directions. You can’t find product. You ae uncertain about your analysis on the product you run across. Wholesalers are not responding to you and you have no idea why... Most Online Sellers die here. Don’t give up!


It’s time to confront and overcome your challenges. At this stage, guidance makes all the difference. You finally had a success on one product sourced through Arbitrage. And one Wholesaler returned your call so you may have a chance to buy a mystery pallet and finally earn a return!


90-days into your new Online Seller business, you have survived. You even earned a few bucks after the Wholesale Company’s subscription fee, the product costs, the bubble wrap and boxes, the time you spent in the hot garage packaging up your

product to ship to Amazon and the Amazon fees. But now you are stuck in a routine. You don’t own your business—it owns you.


You make minor but dramatic changes that automate your business and make it scalable. You are finally able to grow and become free to operate hands- off. Being an eCommerce Business Owner, part time or full time, is completely manageable IF YOU HAVE A SYSTEM and implement your plan.


You’ve done it all, so now you want to give back.

SOUND FAMILIAR? What stage are you in? Tell us now and meet us at the eFreedom Seller SUMMIT!


Learn & Acquire
Choose an Amazon expert educational track based on your business model and how long you’ve been selling.
Meet, network, and learn from other Sellers, Wholesalers and like-minded entrepreneurs. Share success stories, nightmares and work together to optimize your business on Amazon and other 3rd party platforms.
Apply & Grow
Walk away with a plan to help scale your business after identifying the growth levers that make the most sense.


You want to learn and be surrounded by the best.
Learning from Coaches at this seminar is a great way to gain actionable insight to improve your own business.
Attending the Seller SUMMIT isn’t just about learning all the new technology that’s available in the marketplace today, it’s also about seeing what other Sellers, competitors, and partners are up to. Joining us for the 2-Day event will give you unparalleled insight into how to grow your Amazon business at the pace of everyone else and how you can take advantage of some the latest ideas in sales, marketing, inventory management and customer support.

Putting a face to a name will open countless doors and opportunities. You’ll meet the COACHES and Learn. Network. Grow.

The Four Easiest and Most Sought After Seller Categories on Amazon

Diversify All the Time to Succeed as an Online Seller

At the free 2-Day event , here are a few topics our team will reveal, and you will discover:

• The importance of category keywords for customer acquisition
• How to target your competitors’ product detail pages in the consideration cycle
• How decrease your returns and manage inventory and breakage
• 3 ways to reduce your return rate and maintain a healthy one moving forward
• Firsthand eCommerce challenges and ROI opportunities from brands operating on Amazon
• How many brands on Amazon are leveraging advertising, the value they are seeing by doing so, and specific ad spend insights
• Innovative strategies to optimize your Buy Box presence if you are already winning
• Creative ways to mitigate the risk of losing the Buy Box to a competitor

Hear what some of our students are saying

Working Agenda

Account health
The selling partner journey
Get an overview of the tools and programs available to sellers and how you can help you grow your business.
Featured Coaches and their specialties
Understanding the buy box and make sense of featured offer eligibility and the performance-based requirements products must meet to win the buy box.
Inventory & fulfillment with the eFreedom Center’s best practices. Learn to prevent stock-outs and plan for seasonal sales surges.
Amazon Expert Q&A
Network and meet and network with fellow sellers
Ask your remaining questions one-on-one
A 121 South Orange Avenue, Suite 1500, Orlando, Florida 32801 E info@efreedom.comP 844.325.2399

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Disclaimer. Success with the programs, products and services we offer will be completely dependent upon the effort, dedication and time any particular individual is prepared to invest. Therefore, outcomes will always result from how much effort, dedication and time are invested. While testimonials shared at this event are accurate and truthful statements reflecting the experiences of the individuals quoted, given without compensation, there is no suggestion that those experiences or outcomes obtained can be reproduced, since the variables that impact them are too numerous and personal to quantify.  In addition, most individuals who attend free events do not apply the strategies, techniques, and systems they have learned; and therefore, make little to no money. In light of that, eFreedom cannot and does not make any representation or guarantee of success or earnings of any kind. Your success will inevitably be based on your determination, background, and education, as well as the time and effort you expend in applying what you have learned from eFreedom.  Attendees may not solicit anyone who participates in the training through verbal presentations, emails, letters, online marketing, database cultivation, or through any groups or associations.

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